Writing on the Web

Writing on the web:

“The Hardest Part”, in Agnes and True, October 2019

“Glory B”, The Black Dog Review, June 2018 (scroll down)

“In a Mist”, short story in Historical FeathersJan. 2018

“Del”, The Manawaker Studios Flash Fiction Podcast, Aug. 2017

“Awkward Positions”, short story in The Bloody Key Society Periodical, Feb. 2017

“Vermin”, Reading West Podcast, Nov. 2016

“The Ladies’ Love Oracle”, Verbatim Poetry, June 17, 2016

“World Class Salon”, short story in The Litter I See Project, Oct. 1, 2015

“Capa Roja”, Eleventh Transmission, February 2015

“I Saw You”,  Phoenix Photo and Fiction, Dec. 2014

“Nurse Ingrid”, short story in The Saturday Evening Post, November 21, 2014

“Vermin”, short story in Joyland, June 2014

“No One to Love”, short story in The Copperfield Review, November 2014

Excerpt from After You’ve Gone, Wax Poetry and Art Magazine, No. 6, Sept. 2014

“Ask Your Mom”, short story in The Danforth Review, September 2013

“The Force”, non fiction for the Women Who Love to Read project, December 2007

“This is a Test”, short story in The Menda City Review, December 2006

“Beware of God”, short story in The Plum Ruby Review, February / March 2004

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