Banff Centre Summer Writers Retreat


It’s been a busy summer so far (even though this is actually the first official day of summer). And besides being busy, it’s been hard to tear myself away from the bizarre and hideous news the last little while. So I think this is kind of old news by now, but I haven’t really had a chance yet to say how lucky I feel and how thrilled I am to be serving as a mentor along with my friend Lee Kvern at this year’s Banff Centre Summer Writers Retreat! We’re going to be working with an excellent group of writers from near and far, and staying at the beautiful Banff Centre for two weeks, August 27 – September 9th.

2018 is the Banff Centre’s 85th anniversary, and while the Summer Writers Retreat is now closed to applications, there is another retreat in late fall. Check the Banff Centre website for details, here.

Can’t wait!

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