Got a Light, Love?



In June 1982, just after my nineteenth birthday, The Clash played Max Bell Arena in Calgary, along with Vancouver rockabilly wizard Herald Nix. It was a fantastic show, and afterwards a friend who worked for Brimstone Productions got myself and my pals backstage passes. So we got to hang out with The Clash for a while after the show. They were really nice guys, shared their fruit trays and Perrier water with us.

Needless to say that, while it was exciting, I was completely nervous and rattled. The Clash! Huge heroes! And Joe Stummer kept asking me something, but with his London accent, I had no idea what he was saying. Finally, he slowed down and I was able to make his request out: “Got a light, love?” Feeling like an idiot, I whipped out my Bic. Sheesh.

Above is a scan of the only paper I had with me at the time, an empty cigarette pack which I got the band to sign. It a was pretty cool evening. And now here I am, the same age Joe Strummer was when he died on December 22, 2002. A sobering thought, indeed. And I am one fan who will never forget him.

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