Thanks for the Memories….The Glass Door Coffeehouse Reading Series

A farewell to Edmonton’s Glass Door Coffee House series, written by organizer Dolly Dennis. I really enjoyed participating with Tracy Hamon last November. Thanks for the memories, Dolly!


March 30, 2011, Mill Woods artists from various disciplines under the leadership of poet, Jannie Edwards, and rap artist, Rod Loyola, (The Peoples Poet) met in the multi-purpose room of the local library in the town centre.  We called ourselves the Mill Woods Artists Collective (MWAC) and envisioned building our community through art and culture, and bringing awareness that Mill Woods was a vibrant, diverse community—a place where art, living history and culture flourish. Our mission was to “implement activities and programs that engage Mill Woods artists of all ages and artistic states; encourage membership and involvement; work towards short, medium and long-term goals consistent with our vision.” We found a logo, developed a mandate, defined artist and relied on our volunteers to make things happen.

We threw out ideas, sorted them into short, medium and long-term goals: to build a drop-in and a performing arts studio, a dedicated youth…

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Writing the City blog series; Nose to the grindstone

Shaun Hunter writes about something close to my heart in her blog series Writing the City: Calgary Through the Eyes of Writers . I will be following this series with interest in the coming days!

As for me, I’m hard at work on my new novel. Part of my research required me to go spend some time at Heritage Park. I have been to Heritage Park many, many times in my life, but never by myself, and never for the sole purpose of observing. It was fun! Part of the fun was watching all the hapless teachers and parent volunteers try to herd the school kids, and remember how not so long ago I was one of them. I heard the conductor on the train remark that there were over 1,400 kids in the park today. Ay carumba! In spite of the crowds, I got what I wanted and enjoyed myself. And bought some sourdough bread for dinner. Speaking of which…