2015 is up and at ’em

What? Wait! How did we get halfway through the first month of 2015 already? Isn’t it January 2009? January 1986? Yoiks.

And already here are some of the things going on:

–  Classes at MRU have started. Always a fun time, as I mentioned before.

–  I’m doing an as yet unnamed reading event at Memorial Park Library on Tuesday, February 24th with a fabulous group of writers: Vivian Hansen, Sarah Johnson, Lee Kvern, Tyler Perry and Joan Shillington. Looking forward to this very much. More details to follow!

–  Happy to be mentoring a writer working on his first novel through the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society, from February through May.

– I am presenting at the Alberta Association of Library Technicians conference in Canmore at the end of May.

– I am actually writing. Nutty. This novel may be finished yet. Especially if I get off of here and work on it.

Over and out for now.

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