Phoenix Photo and Fiction; White Friday

My story “I Saw You” appears in the current edition of Phoenix Photo and FictionBig thanks to editors Alison Fortowsky and Kirk Ramdath!

In other news, it may be Black Friday elsewhere, but here it’s definitely White Friday. I’m visiting frosty Edmonton for a couple of days, which was visited by a good ol’ prairie blizzard yesterday. Last night I read as part of the Glass Door Coffeehouse series, along with Regina poet and winter driver extrordinaire Tracy Hamon. Thanks for your skill and your company, Tracy, and all the best for your gig in Red Deer tonight! Tonight I’m doing a presentation for Alberta Branch Canadian Authors Association, and then doing a workshop for them tomorrow. Looking forward very much to connecting with old CAA friends and meeting new ones.

Calgary Herald interview

My interview with The Calgary Herald about After You’ve Gone is in this morning’s edition of the paper. Big thanks to Eric Volmers for taking the time to chat with me about it!

Saturday Evening Post

My story “Nurse Ingrid” is now up on the Saturday Evening Post website. Thanks to editor Jesika St. Clair! I’m very happy to have my work appear there.

FFWD; Daybreak Alberta; Edmonton

Oyster Point

Back from an all-too brief holiday on Vancouver Island; above is a shot of Oyster Point near Campbell River. Coming back to snow and minus 20 from sunny and plus 10 in Victoria was a bit of a shock. On the bright side, at least winter seems to be starting mid-November this year instead of mid-October like it has the last couple of years. Oh, well.

So while we were away, a few things happened. I was featured in Your Face Here in last week’s issue of FFWD. Thanks to Drew Anderson for the interview!

Also, my interview with Chris dela Torre aired on CBC Radio’s Daybreak Alberta on Saturday morning. You can listen to it on CBC’s website here.

And finally, it was nice to see After You’ve Gone back on the Calgary Bestseller list this week, along with Barb Howard and Ken Rivard. I did not expect to see that again. Really nice surprise!

Next up is my trip to Edmonton. I read with the Glass Door Coffee House Series on Nov. 27th, along with the fabulous Regina poet, Tracy Hamon, and other readers and musicians. Then Alberta Branch Canadian Authors Association is hosting me for a presentation on the evening of the 28th and a one-day workshop on the 29th. Looking forward to seeing my friends and colleagues in Edmonton again!

Over and out for now.

Copperfield Review

My short story “No One to Love” appears in the Autumn 2014 issue of The Copperfield Reviewan online journal that’s been publishing historical fiction for the last fourteen years. I’m very happy to have my work published by them.

Hope you enjoy it!