Tour de blogs

Thanks to Rea Tarvydas, who has invited me to join in a virtual tour of writers.  It’s interesting to see people’s thoughts on these questions. My answers will be more terse than others. But that’s me, baby. Terse.

What am I working on?  I am about a quarter of the way through the first draft of a novel. Not only am I terse, I am also the kind of writer who doesn’t like to talk much about works in progress. I think you can suck the energy out of a project by telling the story before it’s written. Suffice to say that it’s got lots of drama and weird goings on.

How does my work differ from others in its genre? Sometimes I wonder just what my genre is. I’ve been published by literary presses and magazines, but I don’t feel like I’m primarily a literary writer. So maybe my work differs from other so-called literary fiction because I don’t set out to write in that mode. Although I suspect this is true for a lot of other writers who get slotted into that genre. It’s pretty much the default genre in Canada because there isn’t much commercial fiction published here.

Why do I write what I do? I write what I do because I can. And because I couldn’t write anything else with any kind of authenticity.

How does my writing process work? I usually start with a character, maybe a line of dialogue. Freefall what I think of as ‘chunks’. This can take days or weeks or months depending on the story. When I get to what seems like the end, I take a break, and then I come back and rearrange / rewrite until I get something I like. Then I send it off to my reader, usually (though not always). After getting feedback, or not, I use it, or not, and then off it goes.

That’s how it usually works, anyway.

Hmm, what was all that about ‘terse’?

And I now tag Susan Calder for her take on these questions.

Other writers in the relay include:
Rea Tarvydas Shaun Hunter Samantha Warwick Cassie Stocks Ali Bryan Leanne Shirtliffe Bradley Somer Janie Chang Theodora Armstrong Kathy Page Lorna Suzuki Barbara Lambert Matilda Magtree Alice Zorn Anita Lahey Pearl Pirie Julie Paul Sarah Mian Steve McOrmond Susan Gillis Jason Herou

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