Seven things about me

My friend and colleague Susan Calder tagged me in a blog chain and dared, er, invited me to join in the fun. I wasn’t going to at first, but then I realized, hey, it’s an excuse to procrastinate. And it’s a lighthearted activity, unlike writing fiction, right? I thought it might be somewhat more interesting if I picked some odd things. So here are seven obscure things about me, in no particular order:

1. I’m an art school dropout. Which leads to my second point.

2. I worked as a draftsman for a year or so in the early eighties.

3. I am a trained Telex operator. As you can see, I have many obsolete and useless skills.

4. I am very fond of ragtime piano. This goes back to Marvin Hamlisch’s music for The Sting, which was very popular when I was a kid. I had to write a report on my favourite musician in Grade Six and I chose Scott Joplin. I had to go to the Central Library and make some photocopies for my research.

5. My desk is a disaster area. And I do not care.

6. All but one of the five cats and dogs I’ve had over the years have been black, or partly black. Maybe I’m a witch.

7. My library card is thirty years old.  I got it when Calgary Public Library put in their first computerized circulation system in 1984. 

Well, thanks, Susan, for the prod. It was good to get all this stuff out in the open.

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