From Author’s Lament to Unabashed Promotion

Betty Jane Hegerat on her novel Running Toward Home.

Betty Jane Hegerat

All right then. Here begins the lamenting author’s unabashed praise for her own work. With a whole lot of reasons why you need these books, because whether they’re your type of reading or not, you know someone in whom they’ll touch a nerve or spark a memory, or just stay a while in the heart. Today’s book:

Available through NeWest Press (via their website), your local indie bookstore by order, online from one of the major booksellers, and of course, from my favourite source of books – your public library.  Unfortunately, Running Toward Home, is not available as an ebook at this point.

Why do you need to read this book?

1. It was my first book, and is a collage of memory from my years as a social worker in Child Welfare. The book is dedicated to children in care, and in retrospect, I wish I’d included the…

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