Forty years ago, on the Victoria Day weekend, my family made the move from Regina to Calgary. I was about to turn eleven, and in 1974 the Internet was something known to only a handful of scientists. Cell phones were equally obscure. Punk rock was a concept just taking shape. Stores were closed on Sundays, and on most evenings. If you wanted a library book, you had to look it up in the card catalogue, and jot down the call number. Cars were huge. Families were bigger, too. Nobody had heard of global warming, 9-11 or ‘reality TV’ (perhaps my favourite oxymoron). The world was indeed different, then.

Still, not everything has changed. We left Regina on a warm, sunny Friday morning and decided to stay in Medicine Hat that night. We drove into Calgary on Saturday afternoon, and it was snowing. Snowing. On the Victoria Day weekend? We couldn’t believe it. So Calgary’s erratic weather is still the same.

Another thing that hasn’t changed is the government in this province. The ‘Progressive Conservatives’ (my other favourite oxymoron) had been in power for three years when we moved here forty years ago. And they are still in power, without even one break.

Happy anniversary.

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