Starting to seem real now…

So here’s Thistledown’s Fall 2014 catalogue. Scroll down to page 2 for After You’ve Gone. Looks good!


After You’ve Gone cover



Things are starting to roll with my new novel, After You’ve Gone, forthcoming from Thistledown Press on Oct. 1, 2014. Here’s the cover image. I like! Thanks again to Jackie Forrie.


My story “Vermin” has found a home at long last, and will be appearing in Joyland in June. I say “at long last” because I first sent this story out in July of 2009. It came close to being picked up several times, with a couple of well-known publications dithering over it for a long time (eighteen months in one case) before finally passing on it. Very happy to be appearing in Joyland; I’ll post a link when it’s up.

In other news, it seems that it’s finally spring. So Max and I are out of here.