Book Mine Set; The Calgary Project

You have to like a blog that devotes Mondays to Alberta Short Stories. And John Mutford over at Book Mine Set featured a story of mine, “Beware of God”, a couple of weeks ago. Kind of funny thinking about that story again — it was published in The Plum Ruby Review ten years ago, showed up in my collection Nothing Sacred in 2009. And to me it seems so long ago, the distant past. But things online seem to have this eternal life. Anyway, I’m glad Mr. Mutford appreciated it. Thanks for the shout out.

In other news, The Calgary Project anthology launches this weekend. I’m sorry to have to miss the launch (Sunday at 2 at the John Dutton Theatre at the Central Library). Ninety four poets and artists (including me) are featured in this collection from Frontenac House. Very exciting!

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