Edits; FreeFall

Round one of edits on After You’ve Gone is done; as of Friday I handed the manuscript back in to my editor and now he’s giving it a final read over. The process has been interesting and as always with a good editor, I feel like I’ve learned a lot and added subtle but important elements to the story. Once he hands it back to me, I’ll have a look at at his comments and give it another read. And that should it be for now. It feels good.

I’ve been so busy with that I forgot to mention that my copy of FreeFall with my story “Dominion” in it arrived a couple of weeks ago. Very happy to be in FreeFall’s pages again.

We’ve had renovations to our house going on from the first week of January that finished last week, and then as soon as those were done I got the flu. Just beginning to feel normal again. Have the house to myself, feel not bad, edits done with for now…nice.

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