O brave new year, that has such people in’t!

2013 seems so long ago already, so last year. Even though it’s only the 10th of January already we seem well into 2014. And I haven’t written the wrong date once. Yet.

In the meantime, edits for After You’ve Gone (my new novel coming out from Thistledown this fall) have begun. I’m torn between feeling excited that this phase of the work has begun and feeling a bit terrified. This it it. Final version. Can’t mess it up. But my editor seems very good and I trust his judgement, so best just plunge in. And I’ll do that. Soon.

In other news, got word this morning that my poem “Nose Hill Concerto” is going to appear in the anthology The Calgary Project — A City Map in Verse and Visual, which is forthcoming from Frontenac House this spring. Cool!

And next week, it’s back to school for me. Creative Writing Level 1 Tuesdays at MRU, and the one day workshop Short-Short Boot Camp next Saturday at The Alexandra Writers Centre. C’mon down! Drop and give me 500 words, soldier!

Over and out for now.

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