“Ask Your Mom”

My story “Ask Your Mom” is now up at The Danforth Review. A word to the sensitive: although the p-o-v character here is a five year-old, there are a couple of potentially offensive words in this story. Thanks again to Michael Bryson for running the story, and I hope you enjoy it.

Forthcoming; Sharon Drummond Chapbook prize event

I am pleased to announce a couple of forthcoming publications. My story “Ask Your Mom” will appear shortly in The Danforth Review and my story “Dominion” will appear in FreeFall in Winter 2014. Thanks to the editors at both these publications for your faith in my work! I’ll post more information about both stories once it becomes available.

This Saturday afternoon I’m going to the Sharon Drummond Chapbook Prize Celebration at Shelf Life Books. I did not know Sharon well, but the few times I met her she was very kind and encouraging about my writing when I was pretty wet behind the ears as a fiction writer. She was editor of FreeFall when my story “Nothing Sacred” made Honorable Mention in their fiction contest, back in 2003, and called to tell me the news. I was so surprised I almost fell over. So it will be my pleasure to join in celebrating Sharon’s legacy. It promises to be a great afternoon of readings and remembering.

Shout out; Karen Bass launch

Back in the saddle once again at MRU, and I have my students busy reading short stories and Freefall writing. Meanwhile I’ve been attending launches and readings and even doing some writing of my own on the new novel I’m starting.

Many thanks to Betty Jane Hegerat for including me on this list on her blog. I’m honoured to be included in this group of fine writers, particularly Lois Simmie and Sharon Drummond. Thanks again, Betty.

Looking forward to the launch of Graffiti Knight, the new novel by Karen Bass, who’s in town at Owl’s Nest Books at 7PM on Sept, 19th. Always happy to see you, Karen, and congrats again on the new book!

And now, ’tis Friday. Time to relax.