Back to school; Barb Howard launch; Writing

August 26 already. Summer is coming to an end, and other than the massive flood we had in June, the weather’s been pretty damn fine in the town of cows this summer for the most part. And even though I’ve been spending lots of time with them, the gents are bored and ready to go to school after their flood-protracted summer break. I’m also gearing up for back to school as of Sept. 10, when Creative Writing Level 1 starts up at Mount Royal University. We do indeed have a lot of fun in my classes, and I look forward to meeting more up and coming writers.

But before all that gets rolling, Barb Howard launches as Calgary Public Library’s writer-in-residence on Thursday, Sept. 5, 7 PM at Memorial Park Library, 1221-2 St SW. Visit CPL’s writer-in residence page for details on Barb’s programs and how you can get a free consultation with her.

After spending the couple of weeks (was it really only two weeks ago?) since we got back from the Island catching up with stuff related to my new novel, After You’ve Gone, which is coming out with Thistledown next fall, as well as getting course outlines and materials in order, and catching up with a bunch of administrative stuff that had escaped me during the busy year I had last year, I find myself with some time to work on the new novel I’ve started. The story is starting to finally take a nebulous shape in my mind. I like stories to be at least somewhat nebulous through the first draft. I often don’t know what the story’s about until I’m done a draft (or two). For now, I’m enjoying it — I think first drafts are maybe the best part of all of this.

On the other hand, the deck beckons. How much longer will my garden be around to enjoy, eh?

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