Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Wow, that whole fall just went by in a blur. I guess it’s technically still fall, but we’ve had winter here in the town of cows for a good month now. All that yardwork I put off doing is now covered in snow, although a Chinook the last few days is turning it into ice. Ah, well. Next year.

So Writing in the Works was very awesome. Thanks again to Michael and staff at Owl’s Nest Books for hosting us, and to Long & McQuade for the truly awesome P.A., which we needed very much, due to the standing room only crowd that showed up. Very nice. Our next event will be April 11, 2013 at Memorial Park Library with readings from myself, Inge Trueman, Steve Passey, Ken Cameron and Roberta Rees. Should be a great evening!

I’ve been very busy with Creative Writing Level 1 (x two classes) and Level 2 at MRU this fall. Too busy. But in Winter term I’m teaching one of each level only, so that should help. Check out MRU’s fine continuing ed Creative Writing courses — we do have a good time!

In the meantime, sneaking in writing whenever I can. Huh, maybe I should take a course while I’m at it…

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