Brennan launch; Lewis launch; Perfect Youth

If it’s September, it must be time for Brian Brennan to have another launch, right? Right, indeed, and that’s just what he’ll be doing this Saturday at 2 PM at Memorial Park Library, this time in celebration of the beginning of his tenure as CPL’s 2012 writer-in-residence. CPL runs an excellent writer-in-residence program in the fall; you can take advantage of free writing programs led by Brian and submit work to him for a consultation — and it’s all free. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Next weekend is the launch of my friend and colleague Naomi K. Lewis’s new book of short fiction entitled I Know Who You Remind Me Of. That starts up at 2 PM, Saturday, Sept. 15 at Shelf Life Books, 1302 – 4 St. SW. All the best with your new book, Naomi!

Sam Sutherland’s new book on Canada’s old school punk scene, Perfect Youth: The Birth of Canadian Punk, will be released by ECW Press on October 1. Yay! Looking forward to seeing what exactly it was I said to Sam way back when he interviewed me. It looks to be an excellent book.

And Tuesday, it’s back to work for me. Sign up for a creative writing class at MRU — we have a lot of fun!

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