School’s out; AWCS residency

Barb Howard’s launch for Western Taxidermy last week was a great time. Readings, music, food — what’s not to like? Music and food were also involved in Mark Anthony Jarman’s reading Monday night at Shelf Life books. Grand time, as were beers afterwards. Shelf Life has been hosting plenty of great events lately — check them out if you haven’t already!

Last night was the last class of the creative writing courses I’ve been teaching at Mount Royal University since last September. It’s been great — met a lot of writers, and I hope I had some useful information for at least some of them. The wine and cheese last night was a nice touch — thanks, Katherine! And thanks, all of you CW 2 Winter 2012 folks for being such dedicated writers. I’m looking forward to doing it all again this coming September.

Finally, I am now able to announce that I am pleased to be serving as 2013 Writer-in-Residence for the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society. This will be happening some time next spring, for a two-month term. The details have yet to be fully worked out, but I am very much looking forward to working for AWCS and to meeting and talking to more writers. Cool!

Now — back to writing.

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