Freshwater Pearls Encore Reading Wed. Nov. 23; Coming to Canada

This Wednesday, November 23rd at 7 PM is the  Freshwater Pearls encore reading, featuring  Lee Kvern, Susan Carpenter, Frances Hern, Kari Strutt, Julie Lockhart, Robin van Eck, Richard Gorecki and me. Excellent Christmas shopping op, folks! That’s at Owl’s Nest Books, in the Brittania Shopping Centre at 815A – 49 Ave. SW. What better way to Occupy Calgary than by supporting your local indie bookstore (and indie writers and publisher)? Plus awesome readings and amusing banter! 

But before that,  tomorrow afternoon I‘m braving Calgary’s first real blast of winter for Coming to Canada, readings and panel discussion about immigration with Frances Hern and Brian Brennan. That’s at Shelf Life Books, 1302 – 4 St. SW at 1:00. I understand there will be coffee and cookies. Sounds good!

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