Betty’s Run

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 12th is the date of Betty’s Walk and Run for ALS here in Calgary, and I’m all registered for it. Should have gone to pick up my shirt and all that stuff today. And I meant to solicit donations and promote the event. But I haven’t done any of that because my mom, Marilyn, passed away last Tuesday at age 68, after living with this damned disease the last 18 months. And let me say right now that the recent passing of Dr. Kervorkian didn’t go unnoticed in my household. I read Licia Corbella’s ridiculous editorial about him in The Calgary Herald today and it made my blood boil.

Ms. Corbella, you should thank the God you seem to be so fervent about that neither you or nor any of your loved ones have ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).  Because if you did, you would pray for the same mercy that decent people extend toward their pets. Would you watch your dog or cat slowly become paralyzed and finally die of CO2 poisoning because they were not able, in the end, to exhale? No, I didn’t think so. But because euthanasia is illegal in Canada, that’s exactly what my mother had to go through. You call Dr. Kervorkian a murderer because he spared people from this kind of suffering?  Um. So who pronounced you Judge of All Things because you write editorials?

I just can’t face participating in Betty’s Walk and Run for ALS tomorrow, although I did last year and I intend to do it  next. But I would encourage anyone who’s interested to donate to the fight against ALS here:

My mom and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

8 thoughts on “Betty’s Run

  1. I whole-heartedly agree with what you said Lori. Humans should be afforded the same rights to end their own life (medically assisted) if deemed appropriate. I however, don't agree with the comment posted…every person is allowed to have an opinion on the subject and should not be insulted because they don't share the same opinion of another. Just saying… :)And terribly sorry about your mother but it sounds like she is at peace now.

  2. I agree with you, too, Lori. When my mother opted to stop dialysis last year, we were informed it would take two weeks (maximum) for her to die. Instead my poor, strong mother lasted six and it was brutal to witness. I think people who have strong opposition around euthanasia are those who have not had to sit beside their loved ones in a hospital or senior's home, and watch them struggle to leave this life. I'm sorry for you and your family. Our idea of human kindness is horribly flawed. The only thing that comforts me now when I miss my mother is that I know she's no longer in pain and after those six weeks, it's a considerable comfort.

  3. Diane: Yes, I agree that there would have to be parameters in which euthanasia could be allowed. But we need to have that choice when there is clearly no other good option.

  4. Joe: Thanks for your thoughts, and condolences to you and yours, too. I agree, going through an experience like this certainly opens your eyes (if they weren't already open).

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