Writing in the Works 4

Here’s the whole Writing in the Works gang after our fourth fabulous annual show. From left to right, this year’s readers Susan Calder, Inge Trueman, Naomi K. Lewis, myself and Leslie Gavel; our MC and chief helmsperson Rona Altrows; and, down in front, this year’s provider of refreshments and general support, Elaine Morin. We had an excellent afternoon of readings, book sales and hanging out, and had more fun later at the Rose and Crown. Many thanks to Leanna McLennan and Elaine’s hubby Scott for their help with the refreshments, to Shelf Life Books for book sales and to Calgary Public Library for once again providing us with a home. Thanks to Jan Markley for again acting as official event photographer. And thanks to everyone who came out to hear us!

We’re already talking about Writing in the Works 5…

6 thoughts on “Writing in the Works 4

  1. Sorry to have missed the event but I heard (from a woman walking her dog at mclean creek early monday a.m.)that it was fab. Second hand compliments–they're the very best.

  2. and– just wanted to add that my word verification for the last post was "swiratio" and that someone should put that word in a story. (not liking "disetil" this time around)

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