Salon; The Boy; Writing in the Works 4

Had a fantastic time reading yesterday afternoon as part of a salon at Barb Howard’s lovely home in Bragg Creek. Also reading were poet and novelist Anne Sorbie and poet T.B. Perry. We also had jazz piano by Andy Tong. Really fun afternoon. Thanks again to everyone who participated and everyone who came out for the event.

Next up is the launch of Betty Jane Hegerat’s new book The Boy, at Memorial Park Library, 7 PM, Thursday, May 5th. Looking forward to the launch and to reading the book.

And shortly after that is Writing in the Works 4, also at Memorial Park Library, Saturday, May 14th at 1:30 PM. Readings by myself, Susan Calder, Leslie Gavel, Naomi K. Lewis and Inge Trueman, and hosted by our own Rona Altrows. Looking forward to it!

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