Tales From Behind the Calgarian Hotel

What the heck, Lori, you’re wondering. Why the title change? Well, I’ll tell you. I had a blog for six years called Tales From Behind the Calgarian Hotel which I began mainly as a way to vent my frustrations in the days when I was struggling to get my first book published. Did it relieve my frustration, which was becoming pretty enormous by the end? I don’t know. Maybe. But when it did eventually come to pass that I had a book deal, and in short order, another, I realized that all the nasty, whiny things I’d said on my blog about the publishing industry may not have been stuff I wanted floating around cyberspace in perpetuity. Although I hasten to add that I said nothing that wasn’t true. Oh, yes, all those things about lost manuscripts, two year rejection waits, bitchy rejection letters — all true.  But in the interests of uh, starting anew, I decided to delete the original TFBTCH — sounds like some kind of texting term, don’t it? — and go with a happier, more sticking to the facts approach.

Turns out that was kind of a bore. So we’re back to the old title. And we’ll see some new kinds of posts here in the coming weeks. Exciting, eh?

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