2011 Already?; Writers’ Weekend

Wow! 2011 is already well underway, and I’ve been back at work for the last week. Xmas is already seeming long ago and far away, which is fine by me. I like to get rolling in the New Year and leave the old behind.

So what I’m rolling with at the moment is the session on writing fiction that Rona Altrows and I are doing as part of Calgary Public Library’s 2011 Writers’ Weekend, Saturday, February 5th. We’re on from 11 – 12, but there are sessions all day in the Dutton Theatre on the second floor of the Central Library, 616 Macleod Tr. SE. Again, spaces are filling up, so register now if you’re interested.

And once I have my part of our presentation wrapped up, it’s back at that novel, which I hope to start marketing in the spring. Spring seems pretty far away at the moment, in snowy and windy Calgary, but I know it actually isn’t that far away. So I better get to work here.

2 thoughts on “2011 Already?; Writers’ Weekend

  1. I'm sure the writers weekend will be a big success. How fortunate for the writers who live in Calgary! I've no doubt you and Rona will wow em.Spring does seem far away but we are almost half way through January – we might see significant signs of spring by mid April, or mid-May – or …

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