Old punks live to tell the tale; Literary Vaudeville

Cowtown / Punktown, the presentation I did with Dan Hayes of the Golden Calgarians for Calgary Public Library on Saturday was an absolute blast. We had a great crowd, some even appearing to be under thirty, who asked interesting questions. Dan really outdid himself on his history and set up my reading from Love Minus Zero absolutely perfectly. I have to say, I enjoyed doing this event in a way I have not enjoyed others. As I read, pictures of my seventeen year-old self flashed on the big screen beside me
(a scary experience for a woman my age). I kept thinking, if you told that girl she’d write a novel based on that experience, and be reading from it and talking about those days in front of an audience in the library theatre all these many years later, she wouldn’t have believed you. At first. But ultimately she would, because I always knew I would do this, that things like this would happen. Crazy thing, eh? Anyway, that’s it for me for public events for a while. Now I can attend to the rest of my life a little more — events do take up a lot of my energy. Nothing planned for me until Calgary Public Library’s Writers Weekend event on Feb. 5. Rona Altrows and I are putting together a program for those of you who write fiction — more details to follow.

As far as other people’s events go, I’m looking forward to Literary Vaudeville, a multi-author reading taking place at dear old Memorial Park Library, 1221 – 2 St. SW, next Thursday, Nov. 18, at 7PM, featuring readings by my friends Rita Bozi, Rea Tarvydas, and others. Should be lots of fun.

Now I’m going to read some Rumi. I deserve it.

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