NoveList; Tofurkey time once again; writing and research

Like many writers, I get a charge out of seeing where references to my books crop up. That’s the kind of thing we get excited about. Lately I came across Love Minus Zero’s listing in NoveList, a library reference tool that I used to use a lot in my days at Calgary Public Library. Someone can come up and say, “I want to read a first novel about a conflicted female old school punk rocker” and, voila, there will be my book. Nice stuff.

So here we are first week of October and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. Typical — freezing, dark summer followed by warm, sunny fall. Oh, well. I’m thankful it’s nice now. Thankful for a lot of things actually, and of course, Thanksgiving weekend approaches. Tofurky is already in the freezer.

Working away on the novel. Sometimes. It hasn’t always been easy these days, with my mom’s ALS and all, to stay focused. On the other hand, sometimes writing is kind of a refuge. Then again, there’s always ‘research’ which I’ve been doing a fair bit of these last couple of weeks. This has entailed reading books, listening to CDs and watching movies. Work, work, work. But hey — it’s got to be done, right?

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