Launches; WitWorks 4 in the works

It wouldn’t be fall without book launches, and I’m looking forward to the launch of Lee Kvern’s new novel, The Matter of Sylvie, at Shelf Life Books, corner of 13th Ave and 4 St. SW at 7 PM this Thursday. I’m also interested to see what Shelf Life is like — not only is it Calgary’s newest bookstore, it’s also located in the very spot where the Interfaith Thrift Store I used to work in many years ago was. Other upcoming launches include Maureen Bush’s new YA novel Cursed! on October 16th at Monkeyshines Books, and Rona Altrows’ new collection of short fiction, Key in Lock, at Memorial Park Library on Oct. 23rd. Nothing more fun than a good launch. Assuming I stay well enough to go to any of them. It also wouldn’t be fall without colds and flu, and Dan is home today with some kind of nasty cold, which I’ve been staving off with Cold FX.

Speaking of Memorial Park Library, Writing in the Works 4 is set to take place there on Saturday, May 14th, 2011 at 1:30 PM. This year’s lineup is comprised of Naomi K. Lewis, Leslie Gavel, Susan Calder, Inge Trueman and myself. Always a great show!

Well, speaking of writing, that’s what I ought to be doing right now.

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