CAA w-i-r; Key in Lock; Bottled Poets, etc.

So here’s the contact for Rona Altrows if anyone is interested in sending her a manuscript through the Canadian Authors Association Writer-in-Residence program:

She can give you details on manuscript length, appointment times and so on. Rona’s got a busy fall coming up this year, kind of like me last year, in that as well as doing this residency, she’s also bringing out her second book of short fiction, Key in Lock, being published by Calgary’s own Recliner Books. Yeah! Looking forward to the launch: 2 PM, Saturday Oct. 23 at Memorial Park Library, 1221- 2 St. SW.

As usual, school’s back in session, and the weather turns from August-miserable to September-gorgeous. And here I am with my nose to the grindstone. The proverbial grindstone. Not that I’m complaining. I’m trying to be mindful lately, to stay in the moment; my mother’s illness has certainly made me realize of late the importance of staying in the moment. Yes, I could have been looking at life this way for the previous forty-seven years. But. At least I’m starting to figure it out a little — is that to my credit? Anyway, happy to look at the blue sky from my office window, indeed.

Aritha van Herk’s talk for AWCS last Saturday was great; very refreshing and down-to-earth. And here’s an awesome picture, unphotoshopped, of the old Inglewood Bottle Depot a little ways down the street from the Alexandra Centre, courtesy of my pal Jan Markley over at Three Dead Moths in my Mailbox. Enjoy:

2 thoughts on “CAA w-i-r; Key in Lock; Bottled Poets, etc.

  1. Thanks Lori. Looking forward to a productive fall as well – maybe I'll bottle up a couple of poets! Too bad I'll be at the Surrey International Writers' Conference the weekend of Rona's launch!

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