Exporting Alberta; Betty’s Run; Alberta Acrostic

These are the flowers my good friend Suzanne Harris took home after reading for me at the Canadian Authors Association Exporting Alberta Awards ceremony in Edmonton on Friday night. And although Nothing Sacred did not win the award, I am very pleased to say it did get Honourable Mention. And now I have these flowers to enjoy forever, how about that?

So on June 13th I’m taking part in Betty’s Walk / Run for ALS in Calgary. My mother was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in November and I feel this is at least something constructive I can do. Things like this put everything into perspective, no question.

On the lighter side, today my copy of Alberta Views magazine arrived  and get this, Love Minus Zero is the subject of the monthly acrostic puzzle. There’s a quote from the book (the bit about Alberta blowing up hospitals and never changing the government — yeah!) and the first letter of the clues spell out my name and the title of the book. Honestly, it was the weirdest thing to do this puzzle. Weird but fun.

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