Love Minus Zero review; AWCS events; W-i-R wrap up

Dave Williamson reviews Love Minus Zero in Prairie Fire Review of Books. Thanks again to Prairie Fire  — it’s great the book is still getting reviews.

Instructor reading at the Alexandra Writers Centre on Friday night was a fun time, as was a Kilkenny at The Hose and Hound afterward. Next Friday it’s the Alexandra Writers Shining Stars event, 7 PM at the Alexandra Centre, 922 – 9 Ave. SE. Looks like a great lineup of readers!

Getting ready for my last batch of residency-related writer meetings at the library this afternoon. I have one more manuscript to read and then the job is officially wrapped up. I hope the writers I consulted with got as much out of the experience as I did. I think everybody involved benefitted. Now I can concentrate on preparing for my AWCS workshop at the end of May. And after that, maybe I’ll write something. That would be cool.

2 thoughts on “Love Minus Zero review; AWCS events; W-i-R wrap up

  1. Thanks for your consult, Lori. I really appreciated the critique and all those little but very important pieces of information about being a writer.Regards,Rea Tarvydas

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