This week’s newsreel

January’s almost done. It went by in a blur, a cold, busy blur, and I can’t really say I’ll miss it. So goodbye already, January. Thanks to Laurie Fuhr at FFWD for giving my residency a boost in this week’s column, as well as for running an excerpt from Nothing Sacred. It all helps. One […]

Histamine; work, work, work; Meine Buch

Had some fun with histamine and antihistamine this week as I experienced my first (and hopefully last) food allergy. My face started to puff up and itch Saturday night and by Tuesday morning I was scaring small children in my doctor’s waiting room. Remember Lon Chaney in The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Yes, that face […]

Prairie Fire Review of Books review; Happy New Year

2010 seems to be off to a great start so far with this review of Nothing Sacred in the Prairie Fire Review of Books by Dave Williamson. Cool! So the holidays are now almost officially over; Bruce returns to work tomorrow and the the boys are not far behind with school on Tuesday. And so […]