CKUA interview; Read, read, read; Happy anniversary

Brenda Finley’s interview with me for the CKUA program Bookmark will air next Sunday, November 22, at 12:30. They’re at 93.7 FM or at, where you can also listen to archived episodes at your leisure. This was my first taped interview and I think it went pretty well for the most part, though I have to say a couple of the questions threw me for a bit of a loop. Still, it was great to talk about Nothing Sacred and I look forward to hearing it on the air. I’ve been listening to CKUA since 1984 and I still think they’re the greatest radio station on the planet. And I’m so glad that Bookmark is there to promote Alberta writers — we need all the help we can get.

Manuscripts continue to roll in for my CAA writer-in-res gig (submission details on the right side of the page). I’m getting close to my limit for the first half of my term, which ends December 13th. But if you have something you’d like me to look at, by all means send it along. If I can’t get to it now I’ll be more than happy to read it after I resume the residency January 15th until April 15th.
Friday was the first anniversary of the launch of Love Minus Zero. Wow. Was that really only a year ago? It’s been an eventful year since then, no doubt. Next year, however, I’d like to get back to doing some writing. I’ve been so busy with all the other things I’ve hardly done any in the last year. An early New Year’s resolution, maybe?

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