Back in Town; flu; Bookmark

Had a swell time in Edmonton, as I always do. Enjoyed the Audrey’s reading very much and also enjoyed having beers at 1905 with my pals Suzanne and Joe after. The next evening I facilitated (as best I could) the writers circle session at the Canadian Authors Association meeting. Really interesting variety of work was discussed, I enjoyed it very much, as well as the presentation by Glen Huser that followed.

Next day it was back to Calgary and Hallowe’en. Trick or treat. Guess what we got in Alberta? No H1N1 shots (unless you’re an NHL player), but Dan and I managed to come down with the flu (Nick and Bruce are ok so far). And it sounds like a whole lot of other people have it, too. It’s not SO bad. I have definitely been sicker on many occasions. But we’re listless, achy, chilly / fevery. Dan has sinus stuff, too. But I’m sure we’ll be fine in a few days.

So the other day my publisher told me that Brenda Finley wants to interview me for CKUA Radio’s Bookmark program this Thursday. Yeah! Only there’s that little flu thing. I’m hoping a phone interview will be acceptable. Apparently the segment will air on Nov. 22; I’ll post more information when I know.

Off to drink tea now.

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