Bestseller again; Edmonton

I was pleased to see Nothing Sacred at number three on the Calgary Herald’s bestseller list this morning. Just like its older sibling, Love Minus Zero. You try to be philosophical about this stuff. It doesn’t really matter, you tell yourself. Or that’s what I was telling myself last week when I didn’t see it on last Sunday’s list. But it does matter. When you’ve worked hard for years to get this stuff out into book form, the recognition is important. So it’s very good to see.

The reading I did at the Central Library last Wednesday was fun. It was good to catch up with some of the library crowd and it was more than a little strange to be doing a reading in the very spot where the old circulation desk I used to work at once stood. In fact I’m at ye olde library right now, doing my residency office hours, about to do a consult with a writer shortly.
Also fun was Friday’s AWCS Blue Pencil Cafe. I like the Alexandra Writers; I think they’re people who are sincerely interested in making their writing the best they can and helping others to do the same. I really respect that attitude. Hoping to run my Life Into Story workshop for them again in the spring term.
Next on the agenda is my trip to Edmonton at the end of this week. I’ll read from Nothing Sacred at Audrey’s Books (10702 Jasper Ave.) on Thurs. the 29th at 7:30. Then the next night I’m facilitating the writers’ circle at the Canadian Authors Association meeting, which I look forward to, should be a lot of fun.
And something I really look forward to is coming to the end of this little flurry of readings and public events I’ve been doing the last couple of months. Like many writers, I’m fairly introverted (in an extroverted kind of way. It’s complicated) and I find public events to be real energy zappers. So to take a break from them and go back to being my hermit-like self soon will be a relief. I think.

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