It is nice to see Nothing Sacred on Amazon, I have to say! Of course, now you know I’m going to be forever checking my Amazon sales rankings. Among the many other time-wasting things I do on the information highway. Oh, well.

Bestseller again; Edmonton

I was pleased to see Nothing Sacred at number three on the Calgary Herald’s bestseller list this morning. Just like its older sibling, Love Minus Zero. You try to be philosophical about this stuff. It doesn’t really matter, you tell yourself. Or that’s what I was telling myself last week when I didn’t see it […]

Oct. 21 reading; Bestseller; Blue Pencil Cafe

Just finished my penultimate rehearsal for the reading I’m doing at noon this Wednesday in the New and Notable area of the main floor of the Central Library (616 Macleod Tr. SE), as part of the open house they’re holding to celebrate Canadian Library Month. Got some bomber publicity for it in last Thursday’s edition […]

Launch; office hours; Tofurky

Nothing Sacred’s launch on October 8th was a great success, I’m happy to report. The weather was lousy, cold and snowy, but I still had a good turnout and sold lots of books. And I’ve finally started to get to the stage with readings where I enjoy them to some extent. This is a big […]

Nothing Sacred launch this Thursday; Readingspalooza

Two more sleeps until the long-awaited Nothing Sacred launch, Thursday at 7 PM, Memorial Park Library, lower level 1221-2 St. SW. I’m looking forward to it, feel pretty good about the whole thing. It’s so nice not to be as nervous as I was for the launch of Love Minus Zero last year. It really […]