Edmonton, In Silhouette, etc.

So my pal Jan Markley over at three dead moths in my mailbox tells me I got links hanging out all over the place and I should clean ’em up. Well. Women my age don’t like to hear that kind of thing, ya know? Makes us look old. So here I am hyperlinking up a storm. Ha ha, got you on that last one.

So, news and events, eh? Okay — date is finalized for my reading from Nothing Sacred at Audrey’s in Edmonton: October 29th. The following night I will be leading the Canadian Authors Association’s writers’ circle before returning to Calgary the next day.

I was invited to contribute my biography to Frontenac House’s e-book In Silhouette: Profiles of Alberta Writers. Click on me to read the entry.

On Saturday I received my first manuscript submission for the fall session of my CAA residency. Yeah! So keep those cards and letters coming! I do look forward to reading your work.

Whew! All this hyperlinking is giving me tennis elbow. Best get on out of here and make dinner.

6 thoughts on “Edmonton, In Silhouette, etc.

  1. Hey, there. Thanks for the nod, I'm honoured. Having said that, though, I might end up as the chain breaker, here. I honestly do not read seven blogs. I check in on yours and two others, that's all. Maybe you could give me a luddite award!

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