Life Into Story workshop

Got word on Saturday that the Alexandra Writers want to include the one-day workshop I am developing in their fall calendar. Life Into Story: Transforming Experiences Into Fiction will run 10 — 3:30 on Saturday, September 26 at the Alexandra Centre, 922 – 9 Ave. SE. Which incidentally was the scene of a punk show […]

Summer begins

School ended on Thursday, which also happened to be my 46th birthday. School often ends on my birthday; when I was a child I regarded this as a mark of favour from the gods. Now I see it for the curse that it really is. It just adds insult to injury, is all. Oh, well. […]

Strange things happen in June

Had you told me even a couple of months ago that I would be submitting an illustrated sonnet to an actual magazine, like I did just now, I would have laughed. But the older I get the more I have to just shrug and remember: Never say never. I actually did have a couple of […]

Edmonton; Preorder

Although I did not win this year’s CAA Exporting Alberta Award (that honour went to Karen Bass’ young adult novel Run Like Jager) I had a swell time reading and schmoozing with the Alberta branch crowd, as I always do. The readings were excellent and I’m sure the judges had a tough time picking a […]