Revisions, Edmonton

Wrapped up revisions to Nothing Sacred and handed them in today. That do feel good. I guess the next step in the process will be proofs and getting the promo wheels turning, but those things are a little ways off yet. The next thing I want to do is write a short story — a new one. Perhaps all new. I have a couple of embryonic ones that were abandoned at early stages for various reasons, so I’ll have a look at those, but I may just write something new. After working the last couple of years on things that I wrote as long as nine years ago, I’m looking forward to doing something new. It’s a little scary, actually, but scary in a good way.

In the meantime, getting ready to go up to Edmonton Friday to read at the Canadian Authors Association Exporting Alberta Award presentation. I have no idea who else is reading, but looking forward to hanging out with my Alberta CAA friends again. After a visit to WEM the next day, we dash back to the town of cows so that Bruce can fly to Colorado Sunday for a conference.

Listening to a new CD I got — The Verdix Live at The Black Bull Lounge, March 31 / 79. Thirty years on, I’m amazed at how good it sounds. I’d forgotten how tight and high-energy they were. Apparently there’s going to be a launch party for the disc here in August sometime. It might be good to go to that. Or it might be distressing to see how old all those people have grown.

In the meantime, out to take the dog to the vet for a shot. Don’t let anybody tell you the writing life is not glamorous.

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