Alberta Views review

I was very pleased to see Candace Fertile’s review of Love Minus Zero in the new (June 2009) issue of Alberta Views. Mostly a very good review, too — even better. I don’t think they usually put their reviews online and they’ve not yet got the June issue up on their site, but what the […]

Revisions, Edmonton

Wrapped up revisions to Nothing Sacred and handed them in today. That do feel good. I guess the next step in the process will be proofs and getting the promo wheels turning, but those things are a little ways off yet. The next thing I want to do is write a short story — a […]

Rebel with an orthotic

Yep, that’s me. My long and varied career in retail / public service has provided me with all kinds of things: an aversion to crowds, fodder for my fiction and the biggest heel spur my podiatrist has seen in thirty years of practise. Yeah! We’re number one! So I had my feet casted today (not […]

"Blue Lake"

I was very pleased today to get my contributor copies of the new issue of The Antigonish Review (Number 157, Spring 2009). My piece, “Blue Lake”, is one I read at this year’s Writing in the Works event and as I told the audience that night, has had kind of a crazy history. First sent […]