Pub date, pub date, launch

Found out today that September 15th is the pub date for Nothing Sacred. This is good; now I can schedule a launch for early October and start looking into places outside of Calgary to read. Although for now that may just end up being Edmonton. Also got to see the cover art for the first time, which I like very much, another striking image. And it’s nice to feel like things are progressing with the book — all good, I say.

Also had a pub date last night with my fellow Writing in the Works workers. Lots of fun there, opportunties to goss…er, discuss literary affairs. Yes, indeed, plenty of that kind of thing to discuss between the seven of us.

And tomorrow night I head over to the Alexandra Centre for the launch of Rona Altrows’ term as writer-in-residence for the Alexandra Writers. Reading, schmoozing, more discussion of literary affairs. Always fun.

So it goes.

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