Writing in the Works Worked; Plans; Pysanky

Writing in the Works 2 was a successful and fun event. Though if we do it again next year, I think we’ll try not to schedule it in the middle of the Spoken Word Festival, which was going on all last week. Still, in spite of competing against two poetry events, Oliver Jones and Nickelback, we had a solid audience of 40 turn out, sold some books and repaired to the Hop Inn Brew Pub for a drop afterward. Splendid time.

It’s nice to have it out of the way, though, and to have the edits for Nothing Sacred handed in to Thistledown. There may yet be some editorial stuff forthcoming, but I think we’re pretty much done with it. Right now I’m taking a little time off writing, thinking about what I’m going to do between now and the fall, when I’ll need to get back on the book promoting / grant writing merry-go-round. I’m thinking first finish a short story or two that have been on the back burner a little too long, then start tackling the revisions on novel 2. I also am looking into taking a course or two on educating adults, since I’d like to get into teaching creative writing. To that end, I need to come up with a workshop outline I want to pitch in June.

Right now, though, I’m going to school to help the fourth grade make Pysanky. Apparently. I’m not convinced this project is going to be entirely successful, despite my 1/4 Ukrainian background. But I’m sure it will be fun. Messy, anyway.

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