What happened to February?

The pace has been a little frantic lately. Coming to the end of edits on Nothing Sacred, hope to be all done with that by the end of next week as we leave on the 22nd for a week in Bowser. Have started to get into things like back jacket copy — thanks, Taylor! — blurbs, etc. Also preparing my piece and working out some housekeeping details for the Writing in the Works event at Memorial Park Library on the evening of April 2.

Had an interview with Eric Volmers of The Calgary Herald on Tuesday; the piece is slated to run in Sundays Books section. I was very impressed at the amount of homework he’d done before we talked; he’d not only read the book, he’d also researched the Calgary punk scene and Oberon, and wanted to talk about Nothing Sacred (I keep typing ‘scared’) and my second novel which awaits a rewrite. Very nice experience, look forward to seeing the piece. Will post the link when I get it.

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