It’s a small, sick world

Went to an all-day professional development workshop put on by The Writers’ Union of Canada yesterday, with presentations by Genni Gunn, Wayne Grady and Deborah Windsor. It was nice to have a break from edits and meet some new people, get some new insights, talk about the process and so on. Very interesting indeed. It’s always surprising to me what a small world the publishing world really is.

I am at this moment supposed to be at City Hall with Dan’s Grade Four class, but Dan is ill today. He was very disappointed to have to stay home. But when he threw up in his breakfast, I had to put my foot down. What can you do?

Starting to rehearse my reading for the Writing in the Works 2 event at Memorial Park Library on April 2. By that time, I will have handed in my manuscript — to someone, still not sure at this point if it will be my editor or the publisher. It seems far away at this point, but soon enough.

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