Carry on edits; reading, drinking, etc.

The editorial process on this new book is, so far, a much different experience than on Love Minus Zero. For one thing, I was working from a paper manuscript on that one. Just that felt quite different. However, things are coming along. I am nearing the end of the manuscript now with the first round of edits and await feedback on some additional material I sent the editor and for some development suggestions for some of the shorter pieces. Hope to get all this finished up before spring break, when we are in Bowser for a few days. Looking forward to that.

I was awed and humbled and inspired to hear Roberta Rees and Rona Altrows read at The Women’s Centre on Tuesday. Their work is very different from each other’s, nice contrast in style. The discussion afterwards was interesting, too, but sadly I had to leave to pick up the gents in the middle of things. Story of my life.

For some time my pals Inge, Susan, Leslie, Rona and I have been talking about reliving the glory of last spring’s Writing in the Works event, a joint reading we all participated in. We are getting together for beers and wings (well, I don’t eat wings, but I’ll have a beer) to hash out our plans. I think it would be nice to have it before the spring books start coming out, around April, but I don’t know how soon we can procure a venue and do promotion. Details will follow as we get them worked out.

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