Edits, etc.

So I’m in the thick of edits on Nothing Sacred (which title we’re sticking with, I think). My editor is sending me some development suggestions for some of the shorter pieces soon and right now I’m working on the marked up manuscript she sent. I also decided I’d like to replace a couple of the weaker pieces with some newer ones written since I submitted the manuscript to Thistledown in 2006. Some of these stories are close to ten years old and I’m relieved to see that my style has improved in the last ten years, so some of the older pieces I’m not so sure about. Anyway, I’m waiting for her opinion on that.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to see Rona Altrows and Roberta Rees read at a fundraiser at The Women’s Centre. Haven’t been to a reading in a while. It’ll be nice.

Well, back to work.

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