Here we go again

Have started now on edits for Nothing Sacred. It looks as though I have some work ahead of me, but nothing I can’t get easily done by the end of March. Of course, it helps having done this last year, too; I have a better idea what’s going to happen, and when. As much as you can in this business, anyway.

One mistake I made last year which I won’t be repeating was sequestering myself from reality a little too much while I did the edits for Love Minus Zero. It was me and the manuscript, all alone and going crazy during the day, for those three dark winter months or so. This time, I’m keeping up my mending gig at the school library and have taken on a weekly reading project in Dan’s class as well (some people could talk me into anything). Also making sure I get out for lunch / coffee dates at least once per week for the duration of this project. I have two lined up this week. It’s all good, this getting out stuff.

Of course, tomorrow after spending the morning at school, I will tune in to the inauguration stuff on TV, at least for a little while. That’ll be something to see.

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