Graphic novels, dreams

Read a fabulous graphic novel yesterday on the recommendation of Dan’s teacher. The Left Bank Gang by Norwegian cartoonist (is this the right word? graphic novelist?) Jason is an imaginative tale set in 1920’s Paris and featuring some of the most eminent writers of the 20th century rendered as anthropomorphic animals. Beautifully coloured panels, elements of film noir, Kurosawa, Tarantino. Fun! My one complaint: they should have shot Gertrude Stein, too.

Due to guilt and sentiment and other shadowy feelings, I spent more time in school this week than I have all year so far, volunteering Monday and then in for caroling Tuesday and today. Consequently have had a series of dreams that I can only describe as baroque in tone — very long and detailed and bizarre, but not without their good points. It’s best now that it’s time for a break, time for that simple sugar (in all its myriad forms) festival we call Xmas.

Well, if I don’t have time for another extremely interesting post like this one before 2009 rolls in, best of the season to all of us and here’s to a peaceful and inspiring year.

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