Fiddlehead, Nothing Sacred, XMAS!

Just found out that an excerpt from Love Minus Zero has been accepted by The Fiddlehead. Yes! Very pleased to be appearing in their pages again, and pleased about the exposure the book will get from it. Mark Jarman also tells me that CBC radio is interviewing him next week about his Xmas reading and he’s going to mention the book there as well. All very good!

In other news, I was interviewed yesterday by Avenue Magazine, who are running a brief piece on Love Minus Zero in their April issue. Looking forward to seeing it.

I also caught up with Thistledown Press about Nothing Sacred, my short story collection they’re publishing next fall. They put me in touch with Joy Gugeler, who is editing. She’s going to get an initial edit out to me next week, along with some development suggestions for some of the shorter pieces. I plan to read and start digesting this stuff when I get it, let it ferment in my mind over the holidays, and then get to work on it in earnest in the New Year. She figures we’ll have plenty of time to do the necessary back and forth before the end of March, my deadline. Until yesterday, I’d been working on a new piece that I thought could possibly be included in the book, but now I can see there’s no way I’m going to finish it in time, I don’t think.

Because…Xmas! Oh my god! Looming. So this is Xmas, and what have I done? Not much. Um, well, I did get cards and parcels out…most of the shopping is done. Stop panicking, there’s lots of time for all that other stuff. Xmas might just be a little simpler this year.

Me, I already got what I wanted. Thank you.

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