The Plague, The Globe, The Coalition

Awesome, I thought when I arrived home from my tour. Now I can get after some of that not-Writing stuff that I’ve been neglecting, stuff like unpacking…hanging pictures…oh, and Xmas. Yeah, that. Let’s face it, the mother of two pre-teens has a bit to do before Xmas. But then all the gents got some kind of GI bug the weekend after I got back. Which they of course gave to me. And then we were all almost better, and the cold kicked in. And I was almost better, and then the largynitis part hit me Monday. Well, we really are almost better now, except for the nagging cough. I can talk, though I sound like Friar Tuck from Robin Hood.

We’re definitely doing better than The Globe Books section, which Quill & Quire reported yesterday is — surprise — being scrapped and tucked into the Focus section somewhere. Oh, yes. Will they be just like all the other newspapers and review two books a week on their own and pick up the rest from syndicates? I’ll give it a look, I guess, but it seems likely I’ll just cancel my subscription. I certainly don’t read the Saturday Globe for any other reason. Sigh.

On the other hand, this coalition thing is lifting my spirits. Get Steve outta there! I’d be very pleased to see my Honourable Member do a Joe Clark! That would make my year.

And, naturally, just when I start to get stuff under control, a story is making me work on it. I usually drop writing in December and concentrate on all that other stuff, but since I haven’t actually written anything new in a long time, I want to keep after this before it goes cold. Speaking of which…

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